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Malik A. Muhammed

I was born, raised, bred, fed and educated in West Oakland. I'm the 9th of 10 children, and the baby boy of 4. My parents, grandparents taught me and all my siblings to cook a wholesome meal, so fast food or restaurant food were a big treat in our home, especially good ole Flint's BBQ. 

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My Story

Flint's was a mainstay in my neighborhood, and throughout my home city Oakland, and it was absolutely the best BBQ we had ever eaten. My family home on Myrtle Street was located down 2 long blocks from the 30th & San Pablo location. That building still stands today,  it will always be Flints in our view. There was no other BBQ ever inside my home. It remains as such today!!

I'm so honored to be one of their pitmasters as a man, knowing it was all Flint's as a child. My parents, grands and many others gone before me, would be so proud to know I'm a part of the famous Flint's family BBQ team. My siblings, family and friends are ever so proud now!!


I'm so proud to use my grill skillz for Flints, as we have the Same Family Recipe, the Same Great Taste. 

Flints BBQ. The best in the bay, since 1968. R.I.P. Mr. Willie Flintroy (founder).

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