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Tara Johnson

I am a mother of three, one biological and two I was blessed with. I work in healthcare IT and I’ve always have a desire for medicine and cooking. My first job was working at a retirement home At the age of fifteen, where I worked as a dietary aide and learned most of my kitchen and cooking experience alongside my family. Within that same company is where I fell in love with medicine even more!  My desire was to become a nurse however life changed and so now I do the back end of Healthcare. Working for Flints Is a continued legacy from my mother. She worked alongside the Flint's family, my family!  

The things I like  to do are explore new adventures , Dance, Cook, Go- Fishing , Listen to music, cook of course , and just plan ole fun!

It gives me great pleasure to mix  both of my passions together! Thank you Crystal for this opportunity. I love you guys.

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