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Started by Willie Flintroy in 1968 at Havenscourt and East 14th.

In the mid 60s Willie Flintroy and his brothers Freeman and Cornelius moved to Oakland California from Monroe Louisiana. 1968 Willie and Freeman decided to open up a barbecue joint and decided to name it  Flint's BBQ, a shortening of our surname Flintroy. The first location was at Havenscourt and East 14th St in East Oakland California and two other locations later opened on San Pablo Ave. In West Oakland California  as well as on Shattuck Ave near Alcatraz in Berkeley California. Flint's became a well-known barbecue joint throughout the Bay Area for many many years. 

People enjoyed our sauce, meats and the potato salad from many cities including  as far as Marin County, Sacramento, San Jose and more. In, our hayday we would be open from 11am to 2:00am sometimes 3:00am in the morning, seven days a week. People would be lined up before we opened and then continued a steady flow especially on the weekends. People would come after concerts, bars, clubs and private parties to stand in long lines almost around the block, to get their barbecue fix. Back in the day we served an assortment of meats with a scoop of potato salad and two slices of Roman bread on a paper plate all wrapped in a brown paper bag. Sometimes by the time someone got home all the sauce had spilled off

 the plates into the bag and they would simply take that bread and  soaked up that sauce. Flint's had a beautiful eclectic mixture of customers that would patronize all three locations. It was a beautiful sight to see. Flint's was and still is very blessed to have such a following of amazing supporters.


Hello my name is Crystal Martin
Owner of Flint's

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Lynette Martin

Oldest sister of Crystal Martin, owner of Flint's (Read more...)


 Nashid Muhammad

 I really enjoy working for Flints because I love to BBQ. (Read more...)


Malik A. Muhammed

I was born, raised, bred, fed and educated in West Oakland. (Read more...)


Tara Johnson

Hello my name is Tara,

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Joy Trent

Hello my name is

Joy Trent,

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